Stage 1-1 is meant as an introduction to the gameplay of Mos Speedrun. By some information boards, the user gets introduced to the basic gameplay, mobs, traps and the different badges.

Coins Edit

Hidden Skull Edit

The hidden skull on stage 1-1 is easy to find. From the start you go up the ledge to the left and keep going left until you find some platforms. If you jump from one to another, the skull is located on the last platform.

Speedrun Edit

This stage can actually be completed without stopping. By just holding down the 'right'-button and jumping at the right spots, the best time possible for this level is 21.95 seconds.

Mobs and Traps Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The house at the beginning is actually Mos home
  • The stage can be completed without collecting any coins
  • The stage also appears in a slightly modified version as the End Level